Planning to make IR beacon transceiver


Im planning to make a pair of IR beacon transceiver for my Arduino UNO based robot for school project. I need to make two robots know the direction of the other robot.

I came across the Pololu IR beacon transceiver and my school encourages students to make our own instead of buying.

I showed the Pololu IR beacon transceiver to our teacher and he wants me to change the microcontroller (PIC16F630) to Arduino’s ATMEGA328.

Any idea on how I can make that possible? same function as Pololu IR transceiver but different microcontroller.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Each board has infrared emitters that shine in all directions and four IR receivers for detecting the other beacon.

Nothing about this statement implies anything about the controller. So, feel free to use a different one.

The Arduino can read 4 IR receivers, and determine direction from the values that it gets. There's plenty of information on the page you linked.