PLC or DAta Logger

Hello Guys!

Can anybody help me understanding what is the difference between a data logger and a PLC please?

A data logger is just a data aqcuisition device or can it process/ control a process like a PLC?

Thanks very much! LEila

PLC is a Programmable Logic Controller, used in industry to control motors and stuff, for example a production line with motors to drive belts, various arms and levers moving etc.

Data logger captures data and stores it for use later on. Say if you want to monitor the temperature in 4 different rooms for 2 weeks at 1 minute intervals, you set up your data logger with temp sensors, set it going and then read back the data after 2 weeks. Then you can check and analyze the data etc. Some loggers have alarms and other stuff as well.

Yes...I worked in SIEMENS for a long time so I quite understand about PLC. The point is that I think that a PLC is superior than a data logger because besides acquiring data it also "treats" it and by that the system can be controlled.

But I saw an application that instead of using a remote I/O a Delphin data logger was used. And I don't understand the purpose of using a data logger instead of a PLC. I don't believe that it's faster than a it?

Data loggers shouldnt do any calculation at all. They are just bins to throw information at and then retrieve it at a later date.