Please anybody help desperate im beginner with this all...

Can someone help me with program arduino uno r3.. can Private Message me the program to unlock and lock secret knock door system...i only got program to unlock the door...but to lock back the door i dont know....and can add program that if we knock the 3 times door wrong the alarm will function..can anybody that are kind please help me send full program that i can copy to my arduino uno r3....thanx you

This is a section of the forum for getting help with a program you write. Post your code and ask for help. There is another section called Gigs and Collaborations where you can offer to pay someone to write code for you and send it to you. But this isn't the appropriate place for that.

If you can detect the secret combination of knocks to unlock the door, you could detect the same secret combination of knocks to lock the door.

The only difference between the code you have now and the code you want will involve keeping track of whether the door is locked (and should be unlocked) or unlocked (and should be locked).