Please help with animatronic skull

Hi all! Noob here, please bear with me. I managed to get a basic parallax thumbstick to control 2 servos (pan/tilt) to control this guy:

Now I would like to replace the thumbstick with a wireless Wii nunchuk (Nyko kama- already bought-already hacked an adapter).

Here are my problems (other than I apparently suck at coding):

This code works with a CORDED chuk, but the servos are intended to be rotational (mine aren't- they just shudder when active- can't figure how to change)(also won't work for me with wireless chuk at all).

This code works with my wireless, but the servos move all the way in one direction at the slightest input, and do not self-center (I tried changing from analog 0 and 1 to digital 9 and 10- didn't solve) I think this one is my best bet though. Project URL:

This code only works CORDED for me, but the joystick function does not work, although the accelerometer is smooth (I still want stick control).

I honestly have been chasing down links of code for a week, but as I've said, my coding skills are pretty basic, and a lot of it seems pretty old. I think that Gabriel Bianconi's looks like my best bet, but how do I get the self-centering and quick response like in my video?

Please help me Obi-Wan, you're my only hope...

Thanks for your time, John


By increasing the deadband value, I'm able to control it much more smoothly now (using Gabriel's code). I would still prefer it to self-center, but maybe I'll figure that one out on my own as well... XD

were you able to use the wireless nyko kama nunchuk on your project? can i ask some help?? hehe