please help with this lcd!!!

i just got this new lcd display module and its sick. the only problem is that when ever i wire it up properly and upload a new code it starts showing these weird dots that start appearing and disappearing at random places (which its not suppose to happen). its name is TWLCB162. please help me. i need to know how it works. :frowning:

Without more information about the LCD you are using (including it's correct part number) and information about the code you are using you won't get anything except speculation.

Have a look through the thread called "How to use this forum - please read." ?


i searched up this lcd many times and it has no results. however when i search it up with the name shorter(like: TWLCB) the only result i get is a lcd like this on ebay and when i search on ebay for this lcd, it has the pictures but not really any discription

Did you follow up on my second sentence?


Where did you get the display from?

Tell you what.

Take a photo - perfectly focused, not too large, not more than 1000 pixels wide - of the unit and post it here.

A good photo, we can quite likely recognise.