Please review this 328P schematic for errors/suggestions

I’m moving my Arduino tested project to a stand alone PCB setup. I’ve included both FTDI and ICSP headers to allow for uploading sketches and burning a bootloader to a TQFP package. This is the first attempt so it is probably prudent to ask for a review before I proceed. Right now the headers are standard pin style but I’m thinking of switching those to pads for Pogo connections.

Please advise if you see errors or have any suggestions.

Geez, make it smaller. 5800+ wide? I can only see a sliver at time.

IE11 chokes on it.

I'm trying to post a better attachment but the forum won't let me.

OK, there are good reasons for that.

You have posted a ridiculously oversized graphic which is both too large in pixels (should be no more than 1024 x 768) and ten times the file size it should - 944.43 kB - which is just under your 1MB limit, so to modify your post you have to firstly remove the bad file and save the version with the file removed, then re-attach a repaired version.

In any case, it has some bad errors. You show “C21”, a 0.1µF capacitor from pin 6 of the FTDI to VCC] when this capacitor in fact goes to the ~Reset pin along with the 10k pull-up and preferably, a diode to VCC as well.

You have a mis-labelled “PD3” on pin 5 of the FTDI.

Though you don't seem to be using the ADC, AREF should be connected to GND via a 0.1uF