Please suggest me AT Command for calling with non voice and get return message

Hello everyone,

I know how to make a voice call from this example

and the command is

mySerial.println("ATD + +86138xxxxx615;");//dial the number delay(100); mySerial.println();

However, the number I want to call is return some text and I want to show return text in Terminal Monitor.

I try to learn AT command but don't understand how to use it. This is link for AT Command reference or anyone can suggest me article to getting start with AT command.

Thank you very much.

However, the number I want to call is return some text

How come, where this text generated from?

Hi Magician

Thank you for your reply.

I found some command from internet mySerial.println("at+cusd=1,\"*xxx*001*xxx#\"");

and it show message from the operator. So, I think I can use return message in my application.

However, if you have further information about command, please suggest me.

Thanks again.

AFAIK, on GSM networks "AT+CUSD Unstructured Supplementary Service Data" usually provides your account current balance info $. Users Mobile Terminal initiates a voice call on special number, which could be as short as 3 digits for convenience, than GSM switch immediately release a call, and forms an SMS message, which goes to customer over SMS traffic channel. So, you just have to wait this message, it could takes a few minutes or more depends on network load, and than read it from device using special command to read SMS. Depends on GSM mobile service provider, customer should have SMS service subscribed, in order to have this feature.