Please use a better font

Easy change to improve the programming interface: use a font where all of the characters are unique. In the font that's used now, the l and 1 look the same. There really is no reason to use a defective font.

The font can be changed by editing the preferences.txt file. I changed to Consolas and I can distinguish lower-case L from one.

But, regardless of the font, visually it's choppy, not very smooth. Am I the only one that has that problem (on Windoze)?

Thanks, Jack. I can use that.

Still, I think it would be worthwhile to change the standard font to one where no characters are identical. I mean, changing my prefs won't change how other peoples' code looks online. :-)

Yes, please change default font or size. I've started use the arduino platform today. After installation the default font size is 12 The problem with this size is: Number "1" looks like lowercase "L" This take me a 2 hours to figure out what I'm doing wrong in sketch.

Change it to 13 or 14, the 1 will look different at a slightly larger size.