Are there an recommended software that work the same way as PLX-DAQ?

PLX-DAQ reads the data coming into the serial port and plots them into excel. It stopped being supported after excel 2003. Is there anything else that does this?

Or instead of serial.print, can i use something else e.g excel.print

You can always print numbers separated by commas, and save the output as a ".CSV" file. Any spreadsheet program can import such a file directly.

The big things about PLX are

  1. Live update for graphs

  2. Live calculation, i.e. Excel is used to do work that otherwise would be done by Arduino.

  3. timestamping derived from PC clock.

If the first two are not imperatives, any terminal programme will be just as well. I use RealTerm but they are all much the same.

If it's graphs that you want, LiveGraph might be suitable. Another possibility is Plotly, but I don't know anything about it. I use Bluetooth Graphics Terminal, and watch it on the phone.

I keep an installation disk of Excel 2003 around for just this purpose. It works fine on Win 7.

I was going to send this information in excel to a webpage via PHP.

I bought an ethernet shield on eBay, and it has arrived. Instead of excel i'm going to put it in a mySQL instead.

I don't want host the website on my arduino though.

Should i send the data to an SQL database via PHP, in the arduino software

Then using Coda 2, can i then take the data from the database and put it on the website?

Will both softwares work simultaneously together?

I have no idea of what you are talking about, and I think you should start a new thread.