Pool Pump Controller

I know there are several posts out there about this and other pump timer setups but I wanted to put a few things together and get some suggestions/opinions...
I am creating a Pool Pump Controller. Right now it can turn the pump on and off manually with a toggle switch and also through a webserver, but I want to be able to schedule it to run for a certain amount of time a few times a day.
On top of that I want to be able to interrupt the timer with a toggle switch, either turning the pump on or off depending on the current state, and resume the schedule once I flip the switch back. So more or less like a pause. Would like this ability through the web as well.
The motor is a 240v or 115v AC 1HP. UST1102 is the part number. I am not sure what kind of motor it is as far as induction or shaded pole or what and I don't know how to find out.
I have an Arduino Uno with Ethernet shield, relay shield, and a SSR.
I wrote some things down that I want to be able to do with the project other than just turning it on and off with a switch because I already have that figured out.
-Countdown the amount of time the pump has been on, amount of time it has been off, and the amount of time before the next on or off cycle. I want to be able to see all of this information on a website.

  • I want to be able to create a schedule or change a schedule on the website. I would like to be able to save several schedules and then run them by choosing which schedule I want to use (seasonal control)
    -I have been looking into Prowl for push notifications and already use it for my XBMC/Kodi/Usenet system.

If anyone has anything or something that I have not considered I would be interested to hear it!! Also, obviously any code or libraries would be EXTREMELY helpful.

All these are basic functions on their own. For your program use a RTC to give the start and stop times.

As the clock will be the biggest part of the project, start the design of your program with how you are going to set and change the time and alarm times. There are many clock projects on the forum.

Once you have the clock working as you wish, add the override and output.