Popular electronics magazine coverage for Arduino.

Have I missed something about Arduino that makes it a poor candidate for projects in the popular electronics press such as Elektor and other similar mags?


Maybe being open sourced means no ad kick back $$, so no coverage :wink:

Just kidding, I think I recall Nuts and Volts having an article or two but I don’t recall for sure.


MAKE magazine has tons of stuff with the Arduino. I think one of their TV episodes (in the first three episodes, I think) had a small segment on a project done with an Arduino

Elector specifically is into making money with its projects. You will find all the ones featured they hold the copyright on. In fact you can’t get anything published in Elector without them buying the copyright, I know I have tried.

One of the other magazines… Everyday Practical Electronics seems to be closely aligned with Elektor (Publishing elektor reprints) and they are VERY Microchip PIC oriented. I’ve discussed Arduino in their forums and have come to the conclusion that anything that is non-PIC oriented is not widely tolerated.

Nuts and Volts Magazine seems much more open to publishing possibilities… as already mentioned. They have had numerous articles over the years that are ATMEL based.

Aside from Mike, has anyone ever tried to publish anything in these magazines? Despite complaints from other camps, most magazines are at the mercy of what is submitted to them. And writing a magazine-quality article on anything is tougher than it might look. (shucks, getting something “ready” to be on a web page or on Instructables is hard, and there’s no editor to keep happy.)

Not personally, but user “bigglez” on the sparkfun forums often gets articles published in Nuts and Volts. I think he’s done a Nixie power supply and a MAX7219 LED matrix?