"Port" problem with Feather Huzzah ESP8266

Hi, i'm french and my english is not that good but i'll try to explain my problem, and really hope to find a solution.

I need to control 6 motors from a crickit feather with an arduino huzzah esp8266 plugin. So i follow the instructions i found to configurate the card and it was working until the "port" changed (i don't know why...).
And i can't find a solution to change it again because it doesn't even appear again in the choices of port .

I used to take the port : "/dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART"
And now i only have this choice : "/dev/cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port"

Can you help me please ? I'm really lonely!
Thank you !!

And if you have some instructions to get it on wifi then, i'll be so gratefull !

Nice evening!

The fact that a serial port no longer appears implies that the arduino board is no longer working.

Have you disconnected the servos from it? There's no way you're going to supply power for 6 servos from a computer's usb port (they may be trying to pull enough current at startup that your computer is turning off power to the port, either by detecting the overcurrent condition and turning off power, or via something like a self-resetting PTC fuse)

Hello! Thank you for your answer. Actually there were no servos connected because i was still in the configuration part. And i wanted to connect the motors when the card will be working in wifi.
So it was just plug in the crickit, connected in USB to my laptop.

Do you have an idea how i could do ?

Make sure the USB cable is fully inserted into the USB jack on the board and your computer.

Try a different USB cable. You might have a defective, damaged, or charge-only USB cable.

So it was just plug in the crickit, connected in USB to my laptop.

Even though the Crickit board has a micro USB connector, it cannot be programmed with the Arduino IDE. It is an accessory board that must be used with a processor board such as the ESP8266 Huzzah Feather.

See my answer to your other thread.