Porting Arduino on Beagle bone black

Hello All,

I am interested using Arduino on Beagle bone black. Its BSP consists of X-loader/u-boot/Linux kernel/FS. I would like to add this board to new hardware list of Arduino.

Is Arduino Library framework supports Linux kernel or do I need to develop my own library for all these interfaces?

If anyone using Linux based BSP with Arduino, Please provide the list of things to take care before starting.

Thanks, Anil.

Do you want to load the Arduino IDE on your BeagleBone so that you can use it to upload code to an Arduino? If you have Java on the BeagleBone that should be straightforward - as long as there is enough memory and storage space

On the other hand, are you asking if it is possible to run code intended for an Arduino on a BeagleBone? I strongly suspect the answer is NO.


Arduino is supporting multiple hardware and its corresponding libraries. Similarly I would like to add beagle bone hardware into Arduino IDE. BeagleBone has Linux BSP running.

Are Arduino's libraries compatible with Linux BSP?

Which of the two options that I suggested are you interested in.

I can't figure that from either of your posts.

The Arduino system is designed for the Atmel AVR microprocessors and the Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 CPU in the Due.