porting pic ASM code ?

Hey iam new, and have some big dreams when it come to implementing my new arduino.

I have found this site ( http://www.electricdruid.net/index.php?page=projects.taplfo ) and this ASM code (http://www.electricdruid.net/code/TAPLFO2D.ASM) which is meant for the PIC 16F684.

Porting this code to be used with my UNO, possible?

Not directly. Assembler code is the least portable (well, apart from keying in raw hex machine codes).

You can probably do it in C, if I get my Arduino to generate VGA video using C, you should be able to generate audio at a reasonable rate.

Judging by a quick glance at the assembler code he has the various waveforms (like sine waves) as table data (to save generating it at runtime).

I have to say though, that unless you have a lot of time (he said he spent months on it) it might be easier just to get his chip.

If you don't want to do that, you would need to be able to understand PIC assembler enough to make out what he is doing there, and convert to either Atmega328 assembler (no simple task) or rewrite in C.

This is a step in the right direction:


as I am sure its already been stated NO

they are two different machines, and your dealing with next to machine language

now if you understand every bit of whats happening you can replicate it on a different platform such as AVR

thanks a bunch !
ill report back if i find anything elsewhere as well
this code is so usefull the algorithms are very :cold_sweat:impresive !