didn’t know in which forum to post…

i’m trying to build a project that is going to have several BT arduinos in a room.
one of the main components of this project is exact distance of individual arduinos within a room.
i resarched into it, and, to my knowledge, there are two posible solutions:

  1. triangulation/trilateration of a “slow” signal (ultrasound?) with fixed us-mics int the room, each arduino transmitting it’s own ID
  2. some other magical sensor available for arduino that does the distance calculation and identification of other arduinos… :slight_smile:

i kinda hoped that someone had a similar problem here and that she/he can direct me somewhere.

all i could find was Cricket system from MIT, but the whole system costs $2K+, and the Active Bat system that’s supposed to be cheaper…
the other way is to build my own system…

the precision i’m seeking is 0.5-1m.

additional question: is there a way of using bluetooth for this task, or is it too fast/imprecise?