Bluetooth Triangulation?


I want to locate people in a closed room as a part of my exam project. First I thought about RFID, but then I stumbled upon Bluetooth as another possibility.

Since I don't really need the very exact position in the room, but just the user nearest to my stations, I am wondering if this is possible via the Signal Strength?

So, is ist possible to analyse the Signal Strength? Do I just need an BT Arduino for every station and that's it?

As input devices for the User Tracking I thought of standard mobile phones...

I appreciate your comments :)

Best regards, claude


I just stumbled across your post. What technology did you end up using?

Regards Kristian

Well it wasn't blue tooth anyway as that would not work. I have seen a demo that TI did for this sort of thing using their zigbee system. You need about 6 zigbee nodes to get anything like an accurate fix.