Power Conservation on a Due

Hi all,

I have another post running in a separate board regarding the Zero, but I thought I'd ask another question here that may point me in the right direction.

I'm currently working on a summer research project and my college, and have utilized the Due for the majority of my work so far. I was torn between the Zero and the Due, as I need the processing power and the high bit rate of the ADC's for recording sound and saving it to an SD card. However, I'm at a point where I need to make a decision on which board to consolidate everything onto.

If I use the Zero, I need to port a few libraries over from being specifically compatible with the Due but possibly able to run on the Zero.

If I use the Due (which I've already been using), I need to find a way to make the Due conserve power during the 23 hours it won't be in use (aka go into a sleep mode where it can still track time, but not drain a battery)

I'm sure there's another post that I'm unable to find regarding this, but if anyone has any suggestions at all they'd be greatly appreciated. Or if someone knows of an older post where they utilized power conservation on a Due, I'd also appreciate it. Thank you!

There are several ways to enter and exit from backup mode. See this thread reply #1: