Power supply confusion

Hi guys I really need ur help in this am going to use adruino mega2650 to control the brightness of 4 LED light bulbs, each one of these lights has input voltage 90v ac to 290v ac . How would I pick such a power supply to power all these lights for my project? i was thinking to use the regular 12v dc battery but i thought it wouldn't be enough to power all 4 lights of these since each of them has 90v ac to 290v ac input voltage , any clarification? suggestions please would appreciated thanks

Apart from the 12v vs 90v thing, I'd think the real issue is the AC vs DC one? You surely can't power AC equipment from a DC source?

so how would you think I would be able to solve this problem please? or if there is any other power supply that i can use for my LED lights ? this might be a stupid quistion but are all the LED lights only take ac input voltage ?

but are all the LED lights only take ac input voltage ?

We don't know what you're using because you haven't told us.

oh am sorry they are called LED Tube Light, T8 G13 Bi Pin, 3 Foot, Frosted Lens Only 13 Watts, Equivalent to 25W Fluorescent. but i dont mind using any LED light bulbs if you know a specific one that i can easilt deal with