Power supply schematic


I am making a device based on an ESP32 and all the sensors i need to connect are 3.3v
I was looking for a small power supply (AC / DC converter) and bought a few of these:

Multicomp Pro MP-LS05-13B03R3 ([MP-LS05-13B03R3 - Multicomp Pro - AC/DC PCB Mount Power Supply (PSU), 70 to 430VDC, ITE (farnell.com)](https://nl.farnell.com/multicomp-pro/mp-ls05-13b03r3/power-supply-ac-dc-3-3v-1a/dp/3584006?st=ac dc))

The stupid i am, i bought it and as they arrived i started to look at how to use them. To be honest, i thought i would just connect 230v to the pin 1 and 2 and get 3.3V on pin 3 and 4 or 5 and 6 (didn't know the exact difference between the 4 output pins).

Now i started to look at the datasheet (3167206.pdf (farnell.com)) and see that there is much more to connect than just the 4 wires :fearful:

I think i should go for this design:

I think i understand how to add the fuse, resistor and CX capacitor, but i cannot figure out what LDM is, and what MOV is, also i am not quite sure i understand what everything is behind the outputs 3 till 6.

If anyone would help me a bit i would appreciate it really much.

Thanks a lot!

MOV is a transient suppressor , designed to absorb spikes on the incoming supply.

LDM and L1 are inductors .

The parts on the input side are for noise suppression and over voltage protection. That on the output is mainly for smoothing .

You might be better off returning them and starting again ?

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