hello, can someone tell me how do i calculate the power of a battery that will assure :

-arduino uno -4dc motor 3-6v -5led+their resistance -1 active buzzer

the battery is conected to a l298n motor dirver, the l298n will send power to the 4 motors,and to the arduino card that will send power to the 5 leds,the buzzer and the hc05

what kind of battery can do this


There is no way to say what battery to use with the information given. An Uno pulls about 50mA. How much the LEDs consume depends on the resistor value(s). The motor current is also not specified. A buzzer, usually, only draws a few milliamps and is an intermittent load. The L298 is a poor choice for a motor driver, especially in a battery powered application as it is vey inefficient. Lastly, and very importantly, you have not said for how long the battery needs to last on a charge.

So once you figure out the current requirements for the individual parts, add them up (Amps) and multiply by the time (hours) the battery must last. That will be the required capacity, in Amp hours.

Pololu DC motor drivers.

3-6volt motors and an a lossy L298 driver...

Six rechargeable NiMh AA batteries (~7,5volt) could be a good choice. Leo..

why every one is blaming the l298 driver hhh i saw it on youtube and it looks pretty easy to use and i also want to say that i'm a beginner so i'm trying to handle stuff like that , i have more complicated project in mind

The L298 is designed for 12volt or 24volt supplies. If you use the chip at those voltages, then the ~2.5volt loss in H-bridge mode is not a big problem. But if you start using them in ~5volt projects, then that 2.5volt loss is significant.

Not a problem if you don't mind adding two batteries just to heat up the chip. Leo..

i saw it on youtube and it looks pretty easy to use

It is just as easy to use any other motor driver.

im not going to use 5v , thats why im here to know what batterie should i use to power my circuit