Powering Arduino and L293D from same battery pack


I'm working on my first project where I have a 6x 1.5V powering Arduino which is connected to an L293D driving a DC motor.

However, 6V (and assuming L293D is causing some voltage drop, so maybe even less) is barely enough for my motor which can handle up to 12V.

What's the most efficient way to get more power to my motor without adding another battery pack?

Do not power the motor and L293D from the Arduino 5V pin. Power them directly from the battery pack

If you use a modern MOSFET driver you can use less AAA batteries and have more motor power.

You can use boost (Step Up) DC-DC converter to raise supply voltage for your motor.

Can I just split the cables coming out from the battery pack to two or I need a component to do that?

Doing so would drain some batteries earlier than others - no gain.

Do you have any suggestions?

No, search your local dealers or preferred distributors.

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