Powering Arduino Nano and TMC2100 stepper

Hi all,

I’m making a prototype board for Arduino Nano and TMC2xxx stepper motor driver with several controls. My goal is to have only one power supply for connecting everything, as the board will be mounted in a tight space with only one power connector.
I connected the 12V AC/DC switching adapter to VIN on arduino and through 100uF capacitor to TMC2xxx stepper drivers VN. The setup is mainly working, but occasionally I ran into problems and burned 3 stepper drivers and 2 Arduino Nanos. That’s why I’m questioning my design and if I made the right choice with wiring the Nano and stepper.

My question is did I wired it correctly and the problem lies somewhere else or is there more proper way to power up Arduino Nano. I don’t want to mess around with bunch of cables and USB adaptors for Nano, as it’s going to be in closed enclosure with limited accessibility.

I should also mention that I’m getting new Arduino Nano Every this week, so I assume the 12V limit on VIN shouldn’t be a problem any more, or am I wrong?


Well..., from your picture of one side of the board, my analysis is "looks OK".
How about a wiring diagram, specs of the motor and power supply you are using.

The simple wiring diagram is in the attachment.


  • stepper motor 0.6A (or less)
  • TMC2100 (or TMC2130, TMC2208)
  • Arduino Nano (soon Arduino Nano Every)
  • 2x buttons
  • 1x TM1637 4 digit display
  • 1x Hall effect sensor
  • 1x Rotary encoder (pasive)

The motor is running over TMC2xxx direct 12V 100uF supply, all other components are connected to Nano. The power supply is MW AC/DC 12V 3A switching adaptor, so it’s sufficient.

I assume that I was frying TMCs because sometimes I shut it off while the motor was still running. I red somewhere that it might be fatal for the driver. Any other experiences?

Another concern I have is Arduino. Do I have to put some kind of protection before supplying Arduino’s VIN or can I power it directly with 12V?


Anyone with an useful suggestion?