Powering multiple Led strips

I have 9 arduinos that that need to power about 5ish feet of an LED strip each(WS2812B RGB LED Strip Light 30 Pixels). I want to externally power them but want to use the least amount of outlets as possible.

I am lost on how to do this. any help is appreciated

30 pixels at 60mA each = .1.8A. So you need a 2A supply for each, or two 10A supplies, or a 20A supply.

Gotcha, is there a con to using one PSU. In my head that seems like the most logical. Secondly, for the wiring with one PSU would i just have multiple wires for each led coming out of the PSU or... Since they will all not be on at the same time im worried about frying them. They will be turned on and off through their own relays.


Why using relays for WS2818B strips? Doesn't make sense. Have your Arduino tell them to go dark instead.

Single PSU - single outlet. Make sure you have proper wiring for all that current, especially when running them all at full brightness.

Gotcha will switch off relays. For Wiring do i just wire each one strip on its own wire plugged into the PSU. I am not fully aware about this but i thought putting to many amps into something is bad. My Arduino will not all be on at the same time.