Powering Pro Mini and ftdi serial question


i have a project with an arduino Pro Mini and a gsm shield that requires an external power source (more than what the 150mA the pro mini can offer).

Can I power this project with an external power supply (like 5V regulated on the 5V pin, and the same 5V on the gsm shield, both grounds connected together) and at the same time use FTDI to see the logs in the serial console ?

My related problem is : do i have to plug the 5V on the ftdi cable or not ?

Thank you all.

I am powering my mega directly via 5v regulated into vcc, and USB connected to my PC via a modded USB cable with the 5v line cut. Prior to this, it was connected to my PC via normal USB cable, and I didn't experience any issue with it . However, after reading some posts I decided to play safe by cutting the vcc line.

You don't have to plug in the 5v when supplying external power, but you need to keep the ground plugged in.

Connect all the grounds together, but do not connect the +5V of the power supply to anything except the GSM shield (ie. Do not connect the 5V from the USB and the 5V from the power supply together).

Alternatively, figure out a way to get the 5V for the GSM from the USB cable that connects to the FTDI.

Or ... get another USB cable and power the GSM from that.

With the schematic it might be more precise.

Is this the right way please ?

@fungus : Is the schematic that i posted the right way to connect both gsmshield and arduino pro mini, and the ftdi serial ?
thank you

Looks OK to me.

thank you. I'll try ASAP