Powermeter/dB Sensor

Hey guys, I want to start a project and i’m clueless in arduino even after reading a lot.

I have an rf route with some rf components/equipments connected, analog signals going through (wired). My goal is to check the dB of the rf wave in a certain frequency and bandwidth and show it on a gui eventually in my computer.
I can check it in a spectrum analyzer but my goal is to show it on my computer.
I was thinking about connecting arduino microcontroller/power sensor in each point I want to check, in order to do this I need RF IN input and RF OUT output to continue the chain without breaking it. I also need to consider the attenuation comes with the microcontroller/sensor I connect.

I need an advice how do I start with it?
-What components do I need, microcontroller/power sensor? And which one exactly is fitting my criteria?
-Where can I learn to code these specific components and rf waves?

Thanks in advance!!!

After some more research, I found out I can convert the analog signal to digital with raspberrypi and then measure the voltage going in the computer with an rs232 cable. Then how can I convert it back to analog?
Is it necessary or there is an other way?

My best guess would be to use a sound card, but really RPi questions belong to an RPi forum, not an Arduino forum.

Arduinos are not suited for sound processing.

I'm not sure. If I can use arduino then that's a done deal, it is analog signal eventually so I think there is something in arduino that can fit, not sure what tho..

A cheap SDR will do a very good job of an el-cheapo spectrum analyzer, and the SDR# software (free) does a very good jobe of displaying the spectrum on a PC. You can even use the combo to listen to the radio.

RF power meter boards, 100khz to 2.5Ghz are around £12, amybe use the Arduino to convert the output voltage into dBm.

I have a RF power meter with display (£30) which measures up to 6Ghz and its accurate, I checked it on a many £1000s spectrum analyser.

start here:

I would find an RF shop with calibrated equipment, and compare my results with theirs.

Thank you so much guys!!
So if I got it right I need an rf powermeter like the ones you linked me, and an arduino board/SDR/rpi to program on it? Then I can make sure it gets the frequency I want and outputs the dbm to the gui?

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