PPSI262 and SHT21

Hello Arduino community!

I have a problem. I created a PCB with two sensors (SHT21 and PPSI262) and now I'm struggling with programming those two. When I import the library for SHT21 I'm getting wrong readings like -46.85 Celsius and -6 % for humidity. Also I can't find anything about PPSI262 on how to program it.

If You can help me it would be great!

Rewire them in a breadboard like your prototype, see if the readings are correct. If they are, then you're PCB is wrong!

Why have you a PCB with a PPS1262 that you have not prototyped and got code working?

I have another SHT21 which I tried to program without PCB and still doesn't work. I get the same readings.

Regarding PPSI262, You are completely correct, I should have checked the code for it.

OK - you need to provide the schematic & code you have!

There are images of my schematic. I also thought that my schematic is wrong but as I said, connecting only SHT21 to Arduino didn't give me better results.

The library I used: https://github.com/e-radionicacom/SHT21-Arduino-Library