Presentation an choice of a Wifi module for Ad Hoc network (IBSS)

Hello everyone!

I just joined the community , determined to base myself on the Arduino electronic solutions to develop my projects.
I have not found a topic where present me, I will do it quickly here:
Ludovic , 22, in the final year of general engineering school in Nancy (France), with a final project in the field of electronics (among others) .

I just bought an Arduino Uno R3 whom will arrive soon ! :slight_smile:

My first problem is to make communicate more cards between them.
The number of cards is indefinite, like the installation size, the only thing certain is that a card will always be within 50 m of another .

I originally intended to make the cards communicate with each other using a Wifi network, but the official shield does not allow Wifi Ad Hoc mode (or IBSS ). I think it is essential that I have this type of network, an infrastructure mode only covers a small area and requires routers. In ad hoc mod, the cards create their own network and they are independent. It is important for me have a wireless connexion !

So I looked at third party shield and I found this one:

The shield I want should have an automatic scan for networks (if I add a new card from those already installed , I want it detects and automatically connects to the network of existing cards).
Do you think the shield RedFly can do what I want ? Or is there a better solution?

Thank you in advance and have a nice day !

Is WiFi a requirement? If not, I would consider one of the other wireless solutions out there, including but not limited to:


Wifi is not a requirement, but in the long term I want to transmit video over the connexion.

I think that Wifi is the best choice because the transmission speed is high.
NRF24L01 & XBee also but the protocols are not familiar with smartphones (for configuration for exemple).

I have looked to this shield Elechouse, Arduino Play House which apparently support the IBSS networks..

Do you think it will do what I want ?

in the long term I want to transmit video over the connexion.

In that case, an Arduino does not seem like a suitable host for the WiFi connection. You might be better off looking for a series of WiFi hubs arranged as range extenders, and then connect your local devices to those as required. It will be more expensive than the other radio based approaches that have been mentioned, but I think it's the only way you're going to get enough bandwidth for video streaming.