Presentation and IDEA....

Hello, we are a small but innovative professional group in Italy, we develop software since 1984 and since 2004 we are designing and manufacturer of rc automodel, airplanes and copters.

Now we want to open a special space in our web site and include the best projects built with arduino.

All projects will be posted to us and the most interesting solutions will be included in our best site.

From this we'll selling and commercial propose the realizations and the inventor will receive percentage for each sell of its project...

ARE YOU INTERESTED TO PARTECIPATE ? if yes you'll can write here and if the number of partecipant will be interesting we'll open the page in site.

Stay tuned and tell to us your idea.............................. ::)

K.T.I. Italy

It would be cool if there were an rc car that you manufactured that could run lie a normal rc car, but had a socket for wires to connect to the arduino that could control the car. That way, you could easily interface with an arduino, without the hassle of actually having the arduino directly power motors and stuff, just maybe flipping a pin from low to high. And you have an rc car!

sciguy: You can do this with most RC toy cars...

  1. Buy a cheap $10-$50 RC car toy.
  2. Look for the RF module (its generally a little square sticking out of the board with a little black spot)
  3. desolder it
  4. Put 3.3v on each of the wires to figure out what make the wheels turn and it steer.
  5. Hook these up to the arduino using voltage dividers.

Ok its not as easy as having a finished product, but it only took me about a day.

Make 6 wheeled vehicle, fully independent wishbone suspension, triple brushless hi-torque motors (or maybe alternatively, offer a nitro engine version - or even a hybrid!), based on standard Traxxss parts; front and rear wheels independently steerable. Make it 1/10 or 1/12 scale (vs real-sized monster truck chassis); about 18 inches long and 14 inches wide? 4-5" deep tread rock climber tires. Add a lot of mount points for hardware, sensors, pan/tilt camera, and such; add an area inside a "roll cage" for the Arduino.

Standard RC motor controllers and servos (for steering); maybe add an option for quadrature encoders on the differential shaft outputs, as well as serial bus digital servos with position feedback for the steering as options.

It would probably be fairly expensive to purchase, but if it could be done for under $1000.00 US, then it would be pretty fairly priced. It would make a great fast all-terrain, go-nearly-anywhere, small-scale unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) platform for all kinds of uses, experimentation, and purposes.