Pressure sensor with velostat

I got a velostat piece and I'm trying to make a sensor pressure. Is the first time when I'm working with this material.

I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, or this is the expected behavior. I put a conductive thread on one side, and another conductive thread on the other side of the velostat piece. I was expecting to put some pressure over the two conductive threads in order to create a contact effect between the two threads. However, I don't put any pressure and velostat acts like a conductive textile.

What's wrong?

Does a resistor helps? If yes, let's say that the minimum pressure I want to detect is 1kg, what resistance should have the resistor? I'm not sure that it works like that though...


Are you measuring analogue or digital input? How is it connected? What program are you using?


Actually I found the solution and the problem. I was connecting gnd and a digital pin only. After connecting the 3.3v pin, it worked fine.

It's a nice sensor.

Does anyone have an idea if the material will lose its properties under frequent, high pressure? I'm interested to know if it will last long if placed in a show, for example.