Pro Micro with ENC28J60 and MQTT

Hey All,

Just wondering if anyone has hooked up a Pro Micro 5V/16Mhz to an ENC28J60 ethernet module and run MQTT.

I have managed to get the ethernet module working using the EtherCard library but not sure which route to take when adding MQTT, it seems most use the UIP library but I was unable to get that working, I think the main issue is the SPI configuration, EtherCard allows you to specify the CS pin, I couldnt see this anywhere with UIP.

Its working.

Using the NanodeUIP and NanodeMQTT libraries and moving the CS pin from the ENC28J60 to pin 8 on the Pro Micro, I did try changing the CS pin in the NanodeUIP library but it didn’t work.

The requirements for the NanodeUIP library state you need the NanodeUNIO but specifying a mac address manually also works.