Problem connecting SG90 servo to Arduino (Arduino shuts off)

I’m really new to servos and have been trying to follow this simple tutorial to get an SG90 hooked up to an Arduino UNO Arduino Tutorial: Using a Servo SG90 with Arduino - YouTube but my Arduino shuts off when I connect the 5v and GND pins. I’m following the tutorial exactly as it is presented. What am I doing wrong?

You could have a faulty servo.
However you should never wire stuff up when the power is attached. So wire up the servo then power up your Arduino. If the Arduino fails to come up then it looks like you have one with a short on it. Try another one.

Is it a cheap clone or was it from a legitimate source? There are a lot of fake ones about.

Bad advice.
Don't power a motor (a servo has a motor) from the Arduino's 5volt pin.
A tiny SG-90 draws ~650mA peak. Larger servos draw more.
650mA and 50mA for the Arduino (700mA) is more than USB can safely provide (500mA).
The Arduino could reset, or trip it's USB fuse, or the USB port of the computer will fail.
Especially when the servo is overloaded or gets stuck against the endstop.
Always use a separate supply for the servo. A couple of AA batteries will do.