Problem Interfacing MJ-8200 2D USB Barcode Scanner with Native USB port of Due

Hey, all!

Arduino programming is entirely new to me, and I could use some help. Essentially, I have the Arduino Due, and the barcode scanner in the title. My setup is currently a 9V 1.5A DC power supply for the Due, and a USB A - micro-USB adapter to connect the USB scanner to the native USB port of the Due. I created the exact sketch for the KeyboardController library found here:

Enough power is being supplied to the scanner, and it seems to interface fine with the native USB port, in that it creates a distinctive noise indicating that there's a valid connection between the USB Host of the Due and the scanner.

However, I see nothing on the serial monitor of the Due, ever! The keyPressed() and keyReleased() functions never execute, which I suspect is because the driver used by the barcode scanner is different than a typical HID keyboard.

Does anyone have any pointers? I also have a USB Host Shield, if there are tried-and-true libraries available for connecting USB barcode scanners, but I'm at a loss in terms of why I'm getting no serial data on the monitor!

Thank you all so much!