Problem to using LM386 amplifier

Hello everyone, i’m sorry if my English is bad. I have some project to play audio sound into the speaker using Arduino. I use Arduino nano, dfplayer mini (for playing sound) module, LM386 amplifier module, and 4 Ohm 3 Watt speaker. when I just connecting Arduino → DFplayer → speaker, the output sound is ok (clear sound) but I need more louder, so I used the LM386 amplifier module. but when I connecting Arduino → DFplayer → LM386 → speaker, the output sound is so ugly, I mean so much noise (I think).

I use configuration like this :
Arduino Nano pin:
D10 (RX) → 1K resistor → TX dfplayer
D11 (TX) → 1K resistor → RX dfplayer

DFPlayer pin:
VCC → 5v arduino
RX-> 1K resistor → TX Arduino nano
TX → 1K resistor → RX Arduino nano
SPK_1 → in + LM386
GND → GND Arduino
SPK_2 → in - LM386

LM386 pin:
Vcc → 9v adaptor
IN → SPK_1
GND → GND adaptor

I really need your help, very thankful if anyone wants to help. I am very confused.

test_amplifier.ino (572 Bytes)

We need schematics of how you have wired things up not photographs of tangles of wires. I did notice however a total lack of any capicitor, either coupling or decoupling capacitors.

oh, i’m sorry. this is my schematic, thank you

Their is no amplifier in that “schematic” and nothing showing the power supply wiring.

A schematic shows the interconnection of components, the method yous of drawing that diagram is a very poor way of drawing a schematic.