Problem with 5v pin in arduino nano


I can't with withdraw 5v voltage from my NANO board.

I build a project with my UNO board, everything is working fine. When I transfer it to my NANO board, it is not working. I use a multimeter to measure the 5v output and find out that there is not voltage.

Is this normal, or my NANO board is problem?



I’m aging a similar issue with my Nano. Is the Nano powered externally or with USB? See the schematic at link below…

With voltage > 7V and < 12V to Vin, in “+5V REG”, the regulator output should measure 5V at “+5V” pin. If powered by USB, then, in “5V AUTO SELECTOR”, the “+5V” pin should read about 4.7V (USB’s 5V - D1’s 0.3V drop), but I’m not seeing a voltage on the “+5V” pin either, which is not what I’d expect.

Meant "having" not "aging"... I must be aging!

If I connect an external power i.e. 9V, to VIN pin, is there a 5V voltage from the +5V pin?

I must try that see I can solve the problem.

Thank for the replay.

What voltage are you measuring on that pin? It should absolutely work, so that's really mysterious...

I measure the 5V pin and GND with USB connected to computer with ubuntu os.


With the question, The voltage is 0 V. Funny???

That's what happens when the diode falls off the underside of the board near the USB connector, due to cold solder joint.

Hi all,

Thank you for your help. I found the problem after going through all pins carefully and find that the ground pin next to VIN pin s not solder properly by the supplier.

Thank again.