Problem with Arduino Nano Every and TFT Display

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to run the Adafruit graphics example on a small 240x240 tft display.
The display is correctly connected and there is some output. However the output seems to be bugged. I made a video to show you the exact problem:

I already tried 2 different displays and 2 different arduino nano everys, however the problem persists.
I would be thanful for any help I can get.


Can you start by posing a link to the display you are using (Ebay vendor page etc.) and also to the instructions you are following to connect it up etc.

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Sure so these are the displays I'm using:

I'm following the connection layout given by this video at this timestamp:

They seem to use the same display.

One thing I just noticed: When I put my PC into sleep mode but leave the arduino on the USB port, the display shows everything fine. So it seems there is something going on with the output voltage of the USB port? But it also doesn't seem to be specific to this USB port since I tried it on multiple PCs and I had the same issue everywhere. I also tried different USB cables so this is also not the problem.

OK. Your display has this description:

2pcs 1.3 inch IPS HD TFT ST7789 Drive IC 240*240 Full Color LCD Display Module


Size: 1.3 inch
Active Area: 23.423.4 mm
Module Size: 26.16
29.22 mm
Resolution: 240*240 (Display direction can be adjusted, horizontal screen and vertical screen are OK)
Drive IC: ST7789
Color: Full Color
Viewing Direction: Full viewing angle
Interface: 4-Wire SPI Interface
PIN NO.: 12Pin
Voltage: 3.3V
Working Temp.: -20 ~ 70 degree

Pin Descriptions:
PIN No Symbol Description
1 GND Soil
2 VDC Power 3.3 V
3 SCL Series watch pin
4 SDA Data Entry Series
5 RES LCM Reset pin
This pin is resetting the signal input. When the pin is low, the initialization of the chip is
Executed! Keep this plug high during normal operation.
6 DC Data / Control
7 BLK Control pin background

Packet Contains:

2pc x 1.3 inch IPS HD TFT ST7789 Drive Display Module

and this is your schematic example:

The Nano Every is 5 Volts. How have you solved the 3.3 V mismatch ?

The display is connected to the 3.3V pin of the arduino. So I figured that would be the correct connection?

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