Problem with dead digispark attiny85 board

i own a digispark attiny85 pcb, probably clone.
This board supposedly can use all 6 pins including the reset as input or output.
But when trying to use the 6 pins it died and did not respond more.

luckily I have another and I see on the internet I saw that some come with the PB5 pin as a reset. the other is reset when I put the PB5 pin to GND so I think this is the problem the first one died from.

I have followed the steps on this page to see if I could revive it but it was not possible.

is it possible that the mike has burned out?
or do you think it is possible to recover it?

Thank you so much

Take a look at the Attiny85 datasheet. You may find you need a High Voltage Programmer to reset it. That uses a 12V pulse on the Reset pin to allow the fuses to be reset.

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