Digispark attiny85 - uploading the program

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Please I have a question.

I am using a digispark attiny85 for my project and I am using Arduino program to test it.

When I want to upload the program, I choose the correct board (digispark -default 16.5 MHz) and the program asking me to plug in the device, and I do the order but there is no response.

after while, it canceled because of timed out.

My question is: Is there any way to reset or format the digispark attiny85 ?? especially after I read that when you plug in the digispark USB, it is waiting for 5 seconds to permit uploading the program, but what I feel is that this period is not recognized anymore !! so I really need a way to reset or format the digispark.

Please help.


A good place to get that information would be the DigiSpark Wiki: https://digistump.com/wiki/digispark


I think that alternatively, I think you can also wire the MOSI/MISO/ SCK signals to the Digispark board rather than using the USB port. The USB port approach is definitely appealing and easy to use but because the ATtiny85 does not have any serial port, it has to be emulated and this is where some issues can stem from ....

The hardware connections are described below :



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Hello Guys,

Many thanks for reply.

I have seen the video of


But I have a digispark 85 like in this link


Is it possible to follow the same steps in the previous video to uploading the program on the digispark ??

Many thanks and I appreciate more help.

Digispark facts: A Digispark is an ATtiny85 breakout board which has USB pins connected to 2 of its digital pins and has the Micronucleus USB bootloader added, and the reset pin disabled. With the reset pin disabled, you get an extra digital pin. With the reset pin disabled, you can program via the USB bootloader only, and not with ISP programming. If the Digispark had the reset pin enabled, it would be a plain ATtiny85 breakout board and you could program it with a bootloader or with ISP programming. The only way to enable the reset pin is with high voltage programming.

Digispark programming the Digispark way: http://digistump.com/wiki/digispark

High voltage programming: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-unlock-Digispark-ATtiny85-and-convert-it-to/?ALLSTEPS

[edit to add info] So, to answer your first question, you can unlock the Digispark with high voltage programming, then either program it with ISP as if it was a plain ATtiny85 or use ISP programming to re-install the Micronucleus bootloader on it to recover it's programability as a Digispark.

asking me to plug in the device, and I do the order but there is no response.

I started playing with my digiSpark recently (from the kickstarter campaign. I can be a bit slow...) Because of the way that the USB connector is just part of the digispark PCB, you have to be particularly careful that it is correct inserted; you can put it in backwards, or not far enough, or some housed female connectors may prevent the board from seating all the way. I found one of the (technically illegal) USB Extension Cables to be very useful. (You can also insert the board upside down...)

That is interesting. When I was shopping I didn't like the looks of the one with the USB pins printed right on the PCB and picked the knock off that has a micro USB connector instead. So, I'm kind of glad I got that one. What is it about the extension cable that could be bad?

It's not USB spec because of the ends on it there's nothing keeping it from working it just has A male ends Now if its a male to female It's a USB spec cable. Nothing wrong with one of these |500x500

This is a so called illegal cable. The problem with it is a pcb usb plug will go in it too but backward.

But after look at thousand of schemes, people is able to make work a similar circuit, with only Attiny85 and a couple of zenner diodes, then , the differenciator here is only the software, i’m looking for the way to do it from Arduino IDE, some ideas?

Hello, I’m just starting my first projects with Digispark boards. I been following all instructions, video tutorials and this information on Digistump https://digistump.com/wiki/digispark/tutorials/connecting#using_the_digispark_with_the_arduino_ide
But I do not have a possessive result. The Arduino IDE says everything is ok when uploading simple code for led blinking. But blinking intervals are not changing. Device manager sees this board when I plug in it in to USB port as “Digispark bootloader”.

any advice?