problem with language instalation

I have a big problem with arduino.
I am trying to instal the arduino programming language and when the download is finished the message “ couldn’t be downloaded.” is appearing to my screen, as a resault I can’t start using arduino board without a programming language.
(i attach a screenshot)
Is somebody who can help me please?
Thank you a lot!

Well you'd need to find out why you can't download it. It's a fairly large download. Maybe there's not enough free disk space. Maybe your internet connection isn't reliable enough. Maybe you just need to keep trying. You could also try the Windows installer download to see if that will work.

If all else fails, and if you are using a standard Arduino board rather than something that requires a 3rd party core such as ESP8266, you can try the Arduino Create web editor: It still requires you to download a plugin so that may also fail.