Problem with Native USB port - Arduino Due


I am tring for about two weeks to solve this problem and I will appreciate any help in this matter.
I want to send data to the PC using the Native USB port of the Arduino Due. Now I have already succeeded to do so using the SerialUSB.print() function.

Let me explain what I am doing in my project so you get the whole picture:

  • I am sampling data using the ADC (Using EOC interrupt), then I do some process with it.
  • Playing the samples via a speaker using DAC1.

Now I am tring to send this data to the PC.

I have written the code for the first part (Sampling & Playing), and it works.
I have written the code for the second part (Sending the data), and it works.

In general when I connect my Arduino to the PC, I can see in the "Device Manager" the COM port that the device is connected.

The weird part is:
When I upload a code that contains both the first part and the second part, and I then connect my Arduino to the PC via the native USB port, It is not recognized and I dont understand why.

I have tried on 2 different computers and 3 different Arduino Due boards with no success.

Here is some information if that is needed:

  • PC running Windows 10.
  • All drivers up to date.
  • I have programed a timer to use for EOC interrupt.

Please I need help with this problem.

Unlike on the Programming Port of the Due (which has a dedicated controller chip), the code for controlling the native USB port of the Due runs on the same microcontroller as you sketch. This means that your sketch code can actually break the USB functionality of the native USB port. I suspect there is something about your combined code that does this.

If you post your code, someone here might be able to point out the problem.