Problem with sketch for mini CNC plotter

The guy that made this project used 1 amp 5v charger. I only got 5v 2 amp charger. Will this be good or too much to handle for shield?

AMPs are never an issue you can always have more than you need (preferable)
So that will be better than a USB post for sure.

Just remember that USB chargers are not meant for powering motors and surges may cause it to drop out if there is one.

Also remember I mentioned a voltage issue with those drivers where they use up more voltage than most others.

It is certainly within the realms of possibility that a USB charge may work but I would prefer to see a proper PSU.

Truly the problem here was powering form USB cable.
Now it works as it should (still some g-code still generate M18 error for some reason but only one drawing had this issue so it’s not big deal I think)

What are you using to generate the g-code ?

Im making images in Inkscape 0.48.5 (it has to be older one) and makerboat G-code library to generate G-code.

Inkscape works well for a lot of people and fortunately for you you can eliminate bad g-codes if you check out your plugin for generation.

I don't use inkscape myself though and use the now defunct Artcam for both the cad and the g-code generation.
Except when doing laser / flat 2d when lasergrbl does everything I need.

"makerboat" doesn't show me anything useful ?

Again please PLEASE use links where needed !

Any reason for sticking with older inkscape ?
GIMP has many similarities to inkscape and is also used by quite a few people too.

I didn't attach link in the first place because this website doesn't work on pc and it was difficult to find it again but here's extension:

Any reason for sticking with older inkscape ?
GIMP has many similarities to inkscape and is also used by quite a few people too.

In guide it says to download specifically inkscape 0.48.5 and mentions that it has to be this version, not new one. My guess is that extension linked in guide works only with 0.48.5 version but i'm not sure.

Fact that is n longer maintained would also be a good reason to move along to something else.
Certainly worth looking elsewhere and at other products.

Maybe a different plugin that does the same thing but is newer.
Realise you are new to this but it is something I had to get to grips with when starting out generating g-code and found a lot of the inkscape plugins were quirky when I started out which was the main reason I went through a few different solutions until I settled in for ease of use and speed.

There are some nice additions to SKETCHUP and the same with GIMP and I am sure there is a similar plugin for inkscape to be able to do what you want.

It may help is we know EXACTLY what types of work you need to produce so maybe some examples even if they are not your own work ?

My own workflow depending on the outcome is as follows.

  • LaserGRBL for all 2D work even if it is not laser related.
  • Sketchup 2020 for 3D printer part generation due to its ability to output STL files.
  • CURA for all my 3D printing requirements due to its simplicity.
  • UGSPLATFORM for 2.5D and 3D end product machining.
  • GIMP for picture work and editing.
    Micrographx also for picture tidy up work. Now defunct but I grew up on it and it still runs perfectly under win 10
  • MESHMIXER for 3D print STL tidy up (not used often but still a useful tool)
    ARTCAM mainly used to generate 3D machining parts and then directly output a g-code file. Ddefunct but still available and works exceptionally well and as I paid for it they give an unlimited licence at the end.

Items with "*" are still following and open source plan so can be had FREE or are actively developed with good communities around them.

I certainly cannot help with totally dead plugins that have been superseded and nor will I as it is a waste of time for me to do so.

Better to make a move now than become stuck in a dead end path and those are only a few of what is available. There are also many LINUX variants out there if that is your thing too.

Im using only windows, linux isn't my thing.

Im using inkscape to make image or text and then using plugin I save it as g-code. If there is simillar program/plugin that can change the one im using currently/do it better I'm all ears.

If I can find them then so can you.

C'mon man its like pulling teeth here.

If I can find them then so can you.

C’mon man its like pulling teeth here.

You got me.
I’ll search it when I come home. For now I don’t have more questions so thanks for help.

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