Problem with SSID and space, MKR1000

Using WiFi.begin(SSID, PASSWORD), I can connect to a WiFi network every time using an ssid such as "hello", but with a space, "hello there", the MKR1000 never connects.

I found a few threads on this, but nothing that helps. One mentioned something about older WINC1500 chips having this issue. I also tried WiFi.begin(0x22 + SSID + 0x22, PASSWORD), to no effect.

I'm using IDE 1.8.2, and the latest firmware, 19.5.2.

Help and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

It is good practice not to use spaces in passwords or SSID's

The issue you are seeing can also be found in some other NON Arduino WiFi appliances.

Even an awful lot of web sites will not let you use a blank space so that should be an indicator.

Even use of a period or underline is not always accepted as they can sometimes be interpreted as something else depending on the software being used on the WiFi device.

If you are going to insist on a separated SSID or password then see what other characters you can get away with but avoid the space character.

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately many SSIDs use spaces and characters other than allowed in the spec. For example, United Airlines uses "United WiFi." Hopefully this will be supported in the future, just because it is so pervasive.

United also have a very extensive IT staff and who knows what hardware and enough clout to actually ask for specific features to be set into firmware etc etc.

My older router did not allow spaces but in light of your question I tried it on the guest account and it did accept the space. However three devices that connect to the guest account balked at a space when I tried to use it out of the 5 devices I have, 1 arduino, 1 ESP8266 and a NAS unit with WiFi

Its not as pervasive as you might think.

Hi, I reproduced your issue and I confirm that it works using SSID with space (hello there)

IDE 1.8.2 + 19.5.2 + wifi101 library v0.14.0

by using the connectWPA example to my phone in tethering mode .

in attach the serial output.

Hi @MitchSF,

One more thing, does the "ScanNetworks" WiFi101 example sketch list the "hello there" network?

Could you please provide the output of the serial monitor for this sketch too. Thanks.

I'm back home now and my WiFi network SSID does not include spaces. Thanks.