Problem with uploading to UNO

Hi everyone, I have a little problem. I was trying to upload a bootloader then the sketch on a new 328P but failed.
First I used this tutorial Adafruit ISP Tutorial, which I have used in the past and it worked great, but I mistakenly didn't connect D9 on the arduino to pin 9 on the chip but the corresponding pin to D9(pin 15) on the chip, and it didn't work(I haven't tried to make the proper connections yet). I decided that it doesn't work because I have everything on the PCB so I decided to to follow another tutorial ArduinoISP, so I connected the chip with the crystal, capacitors and everything to a breadboard including a 10uF capacitor from reset to GND, and it still didn't work.
The next day I tried to upload the Arduino ISP sketch to the UNO and it gave me the following error:
avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00. I have seen this error before but only when I haven't had installed the USB drivers. The day before that I got another error which in the end was 0xe0 instead of 0x00 and I found out that I can fix it with pressing the reset button(but I still couldn't upload anything to the new chip).
I have searched through the forum and did the following:I deleted everything arduino related in my pc(program files and such), reinstalled the IDE,when I pluged the UNO in it showed me that the PC recognizes it, I made the loop test,I short-circuited the pins of the mega8u2, I changed the USB cable and I watched closely what happens with the RX,TX pins when trying to upload something, also I tried shift + upload but it gives me the usb not found error.

The RX and TX pins are acting like this: When I made the loop test when I press enter to send something both of them flash on once and I don't get a echo back. When I try to upload a program the RX pin only flashes 3 times.

I don't know what or if I have damaged on the board/chip but I'm 99,9% sure I haven't short circuited both my 328P(the one on the UNO and the new one) since the old one worked on the board. If it matters on the PCB I have, there is a crystal with capacitors and almost every pin is connected. I am not using pins 2 and 3, and pins 16 to 19 have a separate connector so they are not influenced by anything.

I hope someone can help me with this problem. As I said I have done this before successfully but now I just don't know what happened. :frowning: (P.S. Worst case scenario, my new UNO, MEGA2560 and ProMini are coming in just 2 weeks :smiley: )

  1. The capacitor on the reset should be 0.1uF not 10uF.

Also look here for how to breadboard it, and here for an ICSP loading system.

Ok, but what about the fact that when I try to upload it simply gives me the error, even when I try to upload the blink sketch on a empty board.

Define "empty board". Does that mean an Uno with nothing other than USB connected to it, or a board with no Atmega328 plugged in? If the first, post a link to where you got it from.

Or does it mean with an Atmega328 on a bread board?

I have the Arduino Uno r2 with the ATmega328P on it, I have worked with it for 4 years and it worked perfectly, after all the operations I described above, now the board gives me that error : USB plugged in and when I try to upload something on the Uno I get the error, thats it and I can't figure out why. I got the board from eBay. This is the board and like this with the original chip it is not working now.

Can you post a picture of the actual board you have?

As much as I don't want to confess this, but I just picked up the board to take a picture and saw that I have put the 328P the other way around... So it works like it should. Sorry I took from your precious time. I won't forgive myself for this mistake...