Problem with Wrobot 16x16 led matrix

Hi all,
i bought from web one of this matrix:

I followed all instructions and i connected it to my arduino uno without sensor shield (it’s necessary?).

I’ve used IN pins of the matrix in this way:

Arduino digital pin 4,5,6,7 to input pin OIA,OIB,OIC,OID of LED screen
Arduino digital pin 8,9,10 to pin SER,SCK,RCK of LED screen
LED screen GND to Arduino ground and VCC of LED screen to Arduino power

I’ve also uploaded code.

But, using the code (open link to find it) and changing only #define ScreenNO 4 to #define ScreenNO 1
my matrix show me only lines without characters!!

What could be the cause?
What’s wrong in wires or code?

thanks all!