Problems of Arduino's TFT LCD (reverse touch screen)

Hello everybody, i have several problems with my Arduino's TFT LCD: my library is Adafruit TFT LCD _ my TFT lCD is red 2.4" and i bought from: " برد کنترلر CNC | قیمت و خرید انواع کنترلر سی ان سی "
the pictures of board in their website isn't similar with my board.
my first problem is reverse touch screen when i draw right, LCD draws Bottom. it shows colors perfectly but touch isn't correct. with trial and error I understood that my driver is HX8357(0x7575). what should i do to solve the problem?

The second problem is with spfd5408 library, it has reverse touch screen and reverse text print problem. what should i do to solve these problems?

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