Working code for 2.4" TFT 9335 but reversed text

Hi all,

It took me ages to find the code to get my TFT working. I got white screen error on all other libraries.

This is the screen I'm using:

Running on an Arduino Uno with the 1.6.5 IDE

This code works for me in that I can run all the examples and there is no white screen, no random bars of white that other people have mentioned. All you have to do is change line 100 in the .ino file to tft.begin(0x9325);
Thanks to JoaoLopesF :

My one problem is that the text is reversed and the touch screen is too (I touch in one corner and the paint shows up in the other).

I've looked through heaps of solutions for this but I can't find one that applies to the code I'm using (the other codes use different ways to define the X and Y coordinates on the screen).

I've tried to have a look through the library to see if there was a section on inverting the screen but the only reference in the SPFD5408_TFTLCD.c file is //writeRegister8(ILI9341_INVERTOFF, 0);
I tried to add this to the section which deals with the ILI932X with no success (changing the line to writeRegister8(ILI932X_INVERTOFF, 0); and putting it in at line 282).

Does anyone know how to fix the mirroring issue in this version of the code? The code is a modified version of the Adrafruit_TFTLCD library.

Thanks for any help