program arduino from external storage chip

good day,
I would like to build a circuit in which I have a memory chip (something like an eeprom) with arduino code (bin) on it. which I can then burn onto the arduino with the help of another chip.
Unfortunately I have no idea how to start. Are there already any articles that deal with this?


I offer a standalone Programmer, that transfers compiled sketches (*.hex file) from SD card into Arduino flash memory, where it then runs from.
It uses a '328P set up like a ProMini to accept the user choice of file, read the SD card, write it to flash, and report on the result.
You could use that code as the starting point and make the necessary changes to read from an EEPROM chip instead.
You'd also have to write the code to receive files and put them into EEPROM for later transfer out.

Also, see Nick Gammon's website about the transfers from SD card

thanks for the quick and good answer.
but do you have any ideas where I don't need a '328P? or an IC that is specially made for it?
(I'm concerned about the costs, which I want to keep as low as possible).

What is your budget? You can get an Arduino Nano clone for under $5. Is that too expensive?

How big is the .bin file? If it's small enough to fit into FLASH along with the sketch then you don't need external storage like an EEPROM chip or SD card.

my budget is under 5$ (as low as possible). it is not possible to write the bin file into the flash besides the normal program (the flash is already almost full by the program).

I'm now a little confused. Can you explain what you're trying to achieve and why?

You can technically write a bootloader that reads from an external memory (eeprom, nor flash, etc), and re-program the arduino from there

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