Programm a kind of a tank

Hello i want to programm a kind of a tank.
i will have two dc motors (with l298 driver) and i have a arduino uno. I really don't know how to organize the project and i would bhappy if someone could help me out :slight_smile: . I only need help with starting the project.

What exactly do you mean by “programm a tank”?

Will it be autonomous? How? What sensors will it have?
Will it be remotely controlled? How? IR? RF?

The main objective will be just driving. It will look like the bottom part of a normal military tank maybe something like this I thought about a remote controlled vehicle with this and a normal arduino joystick. It wont have many sensors, I thought about a ultrasonic sensor that will just measure the distance between the tank and objects nearby. If you need any certain infos just ask, and thanks for answering my questions :wink:

Personally I would start by Googling “Arduino remote control tank” and having a look through some of the projects that people have already done. Then you need to make some definite decisions about what exactly yours is going to do.

You then have two sub-projects. 1. Get the motors working with a basic sketch, controlled via serial monitor. 2. Get your transmitter and receiver working and talking to one another. Then combine the two.


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