Programmable charging in SparkFun Battery Babysitter - LiPo Battery Manager

Hi all, I currently use the SparkFun Battery Babysitter - LiPo Battery Manager to power my arduino project and monitor the battery level accordingly.

I'm thinking of extending the functionality of this module further with the aim of making the system self-sufficient; The Battery Babysitter connected to a portable power bank where:

  1. Battery level falls below a set level, initiate charging

  2. Charge till battery level goes beyond a set level, stop charging process till condition 1) is fulfilled again

Currently I see that the only available library for this module is the BQ27441 LiPo fuel gauge library which enables battery level monitoring, but NOT the charging process.

The charging portion, BQ24075 battery charger doesn't seem to have a library.

I currently have the code and logic flow down for setting the limits on the battery level, but I have no clue how to call/program the charging module of the Battery Babysitter.

Any ideas on how I can accomplish the above? Thanks!