Programmable Syringe?

Hey all!

I'm looking to create a programmable syringe and wondering if anyone has any guidance. Basically, I'm trying to automate a process that involves squeezing out a very small amount (~1 microliter) of glue onto a piece of plastic using a robot arm. Since the software for the robot is not open-source, I was thinking of making a separate controller for the syringe so that, when the robot presses a button, the syringe squirts out a predetermined amount of glue onto the plastic. This should be very simple to design, but unfortunately I can't seem to find any lightweight (needs to be vertically mounted onto the robot arm) programmable syringes out there.

Does anyone have any advice for this? I'd be fine with using an Arduino board to program the syringe, but maybe what I'm looking for already exists and I'm simply not finding it in the vast depths of the Internet.

Thanks for any help you could provide!

You're talking of a syringe driver. That's a serious piece of kit that you hope they never need to use on you.

Perhaps something like this solder paste dispenser: