Programming 89S52 with Arduino IDE

Hi, I would like to ask,
if there is a way to write a code in the IDE and then upload it to my chip using programmer. It is very annoying for me writing that C code and then SDCC compile it + avrdude upload. Something like download some sort of custom board and select it. I there a way?
(I heard something about exporting .hex file from IDE and then upload it using avrdude)

Thank you for your advice.

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Hi @matty_michalicka. I have moved your topic to the more relevant "Microcontrollers" board. In the future, if you need a topic moved, you can click the "Report to moderator" link and then request it be moved. Even though it might seem strange to make a "report", this is simply a way of communicating with the moderators.

As for your question, I can only refer you to this discussion:
I suspect the situation is the same as it was 3 years ago. It's probably possible to add some level of support for this chip to the Arduino IDE, but it won't be so easy as it is for other parts, and nobody has done it yet.

I maintain a list of all known Arduino boards plaforms here:

So I'm probably one of the most aware of which parts are supported, but I certainly am not intimately familiar with every one of the hundreds of projects on that list, and what I did learn while collecting them might have changed since then. So you might take a browse through it to see if you spot anything interesting.

The easiest solution is certainly to just pick one of the chips that already has excellent support. But I'm also very much in favor of the list of supported devices increasing. If someone was to create a package for this part family, that would be super cool!

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